If Only You Understood Attention

A Workshop Diagramming the Anatomy of Attention

Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed? Do you have organizational or time management issues? Do you struggle to focus, yet you know you are capable of more?

Have you read all the books? Attended all the conferences, seminars, and webinars, yet you still don’t have solutions that are working for you? Do you find yourself saying, “I just need to try harder”?

Consider this … if the obvious solution isn’t working, there is a good chance you’re paying attention to the wrong thing. If you struggle with attention, is it possible you don’t understand it? If this resonates, maybe you need to manage your attention better. Easy; right? If only you understood attention!

Can you diagram attention? Name its parts? Can you illustrate it in a consistent context? If you can, great! If you can’t, how do you manage something you don’t understand?

In this video workshop, you’ll witness your attention in several attention exercises. You’ll learn how to diagram attention in the context of my anatomy of attention.

Upon completion, I promise you, your conceptual understanding of attention will change, giving you a completely different foundation to begin managing it like never before!

What does this workshop cost? What has it cost you over a lifetime focused on the wrong solutions? The choice is yours. Spend $19.99 on another obvious solution that won’t work or … change your conceptual understanding of attention and begin to manage it like never before!

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