Student: “Can you help me be better organized?”

ADHD, Organization, Disorganization and Effort

I respond to a comment on my YouTube page by a student who wrestles daily with distraction: 

You Tube Comment: I really want to be organized in studies… I always find something more interesting than the books.. I am tired of fighting.. Can you advise me with this problem? I am sure every student is facing this.
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Is Packing for a Trip an Ordeal?

Adults with ADHD often struggle with going on vacation, as well as school and business trips, primarily because of the challenge involved in packing. They’re hard on themselves because they think it should be easy.

What I’ve learned over the years is that packing requires a little bit of memory and a lot of working memory (executive functioning) because of the misconception that one must retrieve from memory all the items necessary for this particular trip.

Here are my suggestions to make packing and thinking of it easier:
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