ADHD Couples: The Parent-Child Relationship

In couples’ relationships where ADHD is involved, all too often there is a parent/child dynamic between the partners. What this means is that, usually, it is the non-ADHD partner who takes on the parent role, the one who seems to be the manager or who takes charge, whereas it’s the ADHD partner who is somewhat irresponsible, inconsistent, less competent, and more childlike. In our interview on Attention Talk Video, marriage and relationship consultant Melissa Orlov ( shares insight on how couples can work together toward a transition where they learn how not to step on each other’s toes. Continue reading “ADHD Couples: The Parent-Child Relationship”

ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment: Art or Science?

Jeff Copper & Aha BobPeople are unique, individual, and infinitely complex. In the interest of maximizing efficiencies, our world and medical community focuses on commonalities to evaluate, label, and treat patients. This approach raises some key questions: Can something so complex be labeled? Is the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD a science or is it an art?  Let’s explore this system a bit deeper to understand how we get a diagnosis before answering these questions.

Continue reading “ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment: Art or Science?”

Exactly How Did You Do That: The Value of an ADHD Recipe

Some time ago, I talked with Dr. David Nowell ( about observing how we do things. What I mean is that, for most of us with ADHD, we are not aware of how we do things, like getting to places on time, making a relationship work, or sticking to a workout schedule. But to get the same results each time, we can use a very simple technique, which is asking “How exactly did I do that?” One example is Grandma using a recipe that enables her to make the same delicious cake again and again. So, it occurred to me that knowing our personal recipe for success is just as valuable. Continue reading “Exactly How Did You Do That: The Value of an ADHD Recipe”

ADHD-ADD: The Gift or Curse Debate with Dr. Russell Barkley

There’s a lot of discussion, perspectives, and concepts concerning whether ADHD is a gift or a curse, and it comes with a great deal of polarization on both sides. In our interview on the topic, Dr. Russell Barkley shares his expert insight and defines a strategy to put the discussion in a context that may move toward destigmatizing ADHD. Continue reading “ADHD-ADD: The Gift or Curse Debate with Dr. Russell Barkley”

ADHD: Emotional Self-Regulation – Live, Unplugged & Real

The hardest part of ADHD is managing emotional self-regulation. The first step is to notice you are in an emotional state. This is exceptionally hard because it requires self-awareness, which is a challenge for those with ADHD. Step two is to use your thinking brain to down-regulate your emotions, which also is hard because, when you are in a fight, flight, or freeze state, it is hard to remember what you know to do. Step three is to brainstorm and move forward. Years ago, I was able to record a powerful coaching call. Continue reading “ADHD: Emotional Self-Regulation – Live, Unplugged & Real”