ADHD: Is It Hyperlink Thinking?

There is no question that those with ADHD have different brain wiring. “Non-linear thinking” is a label that many with ADHD use to describe their thinking experience. Using such labels to distinguish the thinking process from the implied and more mainstream linear thinking sounds good, but what does non-linear thinking really look like?

Recently, I stumbled onto a TED Talk video, titled “Living with ADHD in the Age of Information and Social Media,” in which Theo Siggelakis illustrates his ADHD thinking process and uses a specific example between 59 seconds and 1:58 minutes into the talk. He uses the term “hyperlink thinking” in place of “non-linear thinking.” Either way, it makes tangible his described thinking process. Watch the video below:

If this is representative of your ADHD thinking experience, maybe you should not describe your thinking as non-linear, but more as hyperlink thinking.

If you can identify with this, it would be easier to understand and it might help you better communicate your experience.

4 thoughts on “ADHD: Is It Hyperlink Thinking?

  1. Wow! I love the way he articulates his ADHD. Everyone keeps saying its all about “finding your passion” and making the most of your hyper-focus skill. I wish I could do that and use the internet to become the next billionaire!!

    1. His level of self-observation is amazing. It is so cool that he was able to witness how his brain thinks and then share it in a way we can all understand. To a degree, “finding your passion” is an exercise in self-observation. Such observations are not easy, but they can be amazing when we witness them.

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