Understanding the Workings of Our ADHD Brains

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – May 20, 2024

Those with ADHD often go through life with challenges that make them feel like they’re living in a maze where there’s an obstacle at every turn. But there is hope, because we now have a way to shed some light on what’s holding them back. Through a special lens I’ve developed over many years, we can look at our thoughts and beliefs to see what’s actually there. It’s called AttentionScope® and it’s incorporated into my new systematic program, Cognitive Ergonomics from the Inside Out™.

It may sound like a fancy name, but what does it mean? Well, you can forget everything you’ve heard about traditional methods, like forming habits or improving executive function skills. I want you to think differently, because ADHD isn’t just about behavior; it’s about how our brains work. This program is like wearing glasses to help us see things more clearly.

The ADHD brain has unique wiring, and everyone’s brain is different. What suits one may not suit another. The idea with my innovative program is to custom-fit tasks to our unique brains. I developed AttentionScope®, which is like a special lens to help us make objective observations to understand how our brains work. With AttentionScope® working together with Dr. Russell Barkley’s executive function concept, we can actually see the invisible parts of ADHD and make things tangible. Think of removing the smudge from a camera lens. It’s a groundbreaking way to understand and manage ADHD.

But here’s the really cool part: Since we know that many of our ADHD struggles come from not knowing what to do next, that something is not clear so you can’t act on it. Keep in mind, you can’t solve a jigsaw puzzle when pieces are missing. With my new approach using cognitive ergonomics to make things clear, we can be confident to take on tasks because, now, we understand them.

There’s one caveat, however. My program isn’t for everyone. But if you believe you can change your old ways of thinking, then this program is for you. Think of it like this. Doctors need training to learn how to read X-rays. In the same way, we need to learn how to use the lens of AttentionScope® to see how our brains work. This program helps us to see things in color when everything’s been gray or black and white all this time!

So, please join me on this exciting venture as we work to understand the inner workings of our minds. It truly can make life a little easier for everyone.

To learn more, visit https://digcoaching.com/cognitive-ergonomics/ or watch our information session on video at https://digcoaching.com/cefio-info-video/

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