What Is Executive Function and Why Does It Matter?

In the ADHD community, we often hear about executive function, but why is it so important that experts often talk about it?  That question is one many of us have asked, so we want to help you understand it in a clear context.

That’s why we are pleased to release our eBook titled, “ADHD, Executive Function, and Self-Regulation.” It explains the process of executive functioning in the brain as it relates to ADHD, which Dr. Russell Barkley views as largely a challenge of self-regulation.

This eBook is one of five in the “ADHD Genius: The Dr. Russell Barkley Interview Collection.” The series is a carefully curated compilation of interviews with Dr. Russell Barkley, a foremost experts in the world of ADHD. In this eBook, Dr. Barkley discusses his revolutionary new construct on executive function that explains in a new way what the old model did not.

You may think that listening to “science-based” information would be boring, but as Dr. Barkley puts it in such plain yet interesting language, you will appreciate his clear explanation and will come away understanding why the ADHD brain works the way it does.

If you are struggling with your ADHD, the information in this eBook will help you understand the fundamentals of what you are dealing with so you can pay attention to the right things and get moving forward. Get your copy today for just $6.97.  Such a bargain for so much wisdom and practical application. www.digcoaching.com/ebook-execfunc/

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