It’s like we won! Celebrate with us!

Yea! Attention Talk Video was named for the second year in a row the third best ADHD YouTube channel on the planet! Can you believe it? We got on the podium and might be getting a bronze medal, but the truth is we WON! We won GOLD. How can that be? Let me explain. It is all about context, which is an attention lesson for us all.

First place was Jessica McCabe’s How to ADD. Jessica is very creative and informative. Her channel does a great job. At the 2018 Conference on ADHD, Jessica and I put on a pre-conference marketing workshop. Our interaction was amazing and I really admire her.

Second place was my good friend Rick Green and Totally ADD! You know they rock! I’m on their Professional Advisory Board so they have to. Rick is funny, instructive, and clever. I first connected with him in 2008 after the making of “ADD and Loving It.” I knew even back then he would be a game changer.

So, here is the context. TV and video are what Rick and Jessica do! I’m a coach. Only 7% of my day is devoted to Attention Talk Video… Your ADHD Talk Show Station! Can you believe it? Only 7% and we are on the podium ahead of ADDitude magazine that has the most popular ADHD website on the planet. Wow! Can you believe it?

Okay, okay, so we got third place, but we are number one of non-video professionals, and that is something to write home about.

So, what do we attribute our success to? It’s simple. You! Our followers and those whom I’ve coached. Many think our insights are clever and unique. And, well, they are, but you have to understand that all our content is derived from what I’ve learned from you… those whom I’ve coached.

So, if you would, please take a moment to pause and celebrate our success. Thank you for the great ideas and the support!

Here’s to being the best amateur ADHD YouTube channel in the WORLD!

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