Einstein “gets” ADHD. Do you?

Here is a question I want to help you address. Are you struggling to manage your ADHD? If so, why?

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” BUT NOT SIMPLER! ADHD isn’t simple. ADHD is complex. Dictionary.com defines “complex” as a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that are usually repressed and give rise to abnormal or pathological behavior. “Problem-solving” is defined as the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.

In my interviews, videos, and webinars, I’ve found the profound insight of my mother. Acknowledge what is hard. If you don’t, you are not giving it the respect required to address it.

In my years studying attention, coaching those with ADHD, and listening to the messages of those who market solutions to the ADHD community, all too often I have found the focus is on simplicity, in fact, over-simplicity. In the big picture, it makes sense. Humans like simplicity. We buy simplicity, and, thus, marketers prey on us by dwelling on messages of simplicity.

In the face of Einstein’s wisdom, managing ADHD is oversimplified. At its core, ADHD is an issue of self-regulation. Dr. Russell Barkley articulates it best. Managing ADHD is about effortfully engaging the thinking brain to override the automatic brain. It’s about pausing, engaging the thinking brain to acknowledge that ADHD is complex, overriding the urge to look for tactical solutions, and learning to problem-solve.

Put more simply getting help is about using self-regulation to overcome the challenges of self-regulation. Let me say it again. It is engaging the thinking brain effortfully to override the marketing messages, to suppress the urge to look for the quick fix, and to engage in the process of learning how to problem-solve. It’s learning to fish for yourself to get away from depending on others to feed you fish for a meal.

Back to my question. Are you learning to problem-solve solutions to your ADHD challenges? Or are you endlessly searching for that simple trick to solve a complex problem?

ADHD is simple to understand if you break away from the mindset that it is a deficit of attention and begin to understand it is a self-regulation issue with a working memory deficit. What is complex is trying individually to problem-solve around how to manage it and the core issues of procrastination.

DIG Coaching is all about helping those impacted by ADHD to problem-solve solutions. This article was written in the hope that you will gain insight, listen to the wisdom of Albert Einstein, engage your thinking brain to override your urge to believe the marketing messages, and set up your mind to learn to problem-solve.

For many, this new mindset is all you need. For those who want to accelerate the process or are struggling and want help, I encourage you to learn more about our “Setting Up Your Mind to Solve ADHD Problems” workshop. Click here for more information.

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