ADHD Mindset Tip: Motivation

Got attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? What is your mindset around motivation? In this video ADHD coach Jeff Copper builds on his earlier video, “ADHD Mindset: Setting up Your Mind to Think“ (, sharing the power of using a different mindset to witness the obvious. In this video Jeff uses specific examples explaining motivation and illuminates the path to manage it using specific examples to empower you to learn to problem-solve. Continue reading “ADHD Mindset Tip: Motivation”

ADHD: Biology, Mindset, and Problem-Solving

ADHD is a challenge with lots of issues. The trick is how to problem-solve. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper ( interviews Laura MacNiven ( They have a conversation around ADHD and break it down into a few simple components, physics, biology, behavior, and mindset. They discuss the formula needed to find obvious solutions that can’t be explained based on how they appear. If you are struggling with ADHD problems and want insight on how to solve them, then you won’t want to miss this show.

Gesundheit! Do Allergies Affect ADHD Treatment?

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – August 19, 2019

Yes, you could say I’m allergic to writing. I hate it. It’s always been hard, especially for a dyslexic like me. That’s why I focus so much on communicating auditory content via Attention Talk Radio and visual content via Attention Talk Video. As allergic as I am to writing, yet I am able to write from time to time with the right prescription. In order to write, I need mental clarity. Writing is hard but even harder when starting with a white sheet of paper. Continue reading “Gesundheit! Do Allergies Affect ADHD Treatment?”

Einstein “Gets” ADHD. Do you?

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – August 12, 2019

Here is a question I want to help you address. Are you struggling to manage your ADHD? If so, why?

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” BUT NOT SIMPLER! ADHD isn’t simple. ADHD is complex. defines “complex” as a system of interrelated, emotion-charged ideas, feelings, memories, and impulses that are usually repressed and give rise to abnormal or pathological behavior. “Problem-solving” is defined as the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues. Continue reading “Einstein “Gets” ADHD. Do you?”

New Mindset, New Solutions

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – June 24, 2019

There is nothing more powerful than a change in mindset!

There are different views on how to define mindsets. As an attention coach, I define mindset as how your mind is set up to think. Your mindset predetermines how you interpret and respond to everything. It defines what is obvious to you. Continue reading “New Mindset, New Solutions”