Attention Coaching – A Better Way to Manage ADD/ADHD

digcoaching-lightbulpAre you stuck, frustrated, depressed, or overwhelmed? Do you procrastinate or struggle with time management? Are you disorganized, impulsive, or get distracted easily? Do you struggle to finish projects? Are you chronically late, behind on your task list, and always playing catch up? Do you struggle with relationships? Are you a non-linear thinker living in a linear world? Are you exhausted going to bed every night hoping to live to fight another day?

Coaching is an action-oriented partnership designed to find what works for you. People often come to coaching because the methodical solutions in the self-help section of the bookstore are just not working.

At DIG Coaching, we opt for the application of insightful thinking as a means to excavate what works for you – often manifesting in an Aha! moment. We focus on your strengths, natural patterns of attention and unique processes, and then build on those to determine reliable strategies that systematically lead to positive outcomes.

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