Is ADHD a Gift or a Curse?  That is the question.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not something you’d wrap up, put a bow on it, and give to someone.  At the same time many people thrive with ADHD.  For years, the “Is ADHD a gift or curse?” debate has raged on. The conversation is often polarizing and emotional.

In the debate the ADHD community has pitted ADHD experts and thought leaders Dr. Ned Hallowell and Dr. Russell Barkly against each other unfairly, with Dr. Barkley cast as Dr. Evil and Dr. Hallowell as Pollyanna.

In 2011, Dr. Hallowell reached out to Dr. Barkley suggesting they address the issue head on in their keynote address at the 2011 CHADD convention in Orlando, Florida. Both openly acknowledged each other and openly discussed their perspective.

In the end, they were aligned for the most part, but many seemed to miss the similarities. For that reason, I address the topic individually with both ADHD icons in an attempt to bring unity to the community and the topic. In the end, they both agree, ADHD isn’t a gift you’d give; however, if you have ADHD, there is the Gift of Hope.

I have documented my conversations with both Dr. Barkley and Dr. Hallowell, and I’m making them available to you in our new eBook, ADHD: The Gift of Hope.

In this eBook, we help you to understand the distinctions in perspective and how they might look different. On the surface they are united if you understand the “why” behind each perspective. The content is enlightening but is also a lesson in why it is so important to understand the “why” that defines how things appear.

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