ADD/ADHD and Attention Products

At DIG Coaching we offer a variety of products that help you excavate your own Aha! They are insightful, fun, educational, and transformational products. Details of each are outlined below:

Essential Guide to Adult ADHD: The Dr. Russell Barkley Interview Collection

As an ADHD and attention coach, Jeff Copper has often said ADHD is not a deficit of attention; it is actually a self-regulation issue with a working memory challenge. But when we don’t understand the workings of ADHD, it often looks like a deficit of attention. That’s why Jeff was inspired to create a series of five eBooks using the knowledge he’s gained from Dr. Russell Barkley, whom Jeff refers to as “the ADHD genius.” For Jeff, Dr. Barkley is the single greatest source of knowledge, a thought leader, and a mental health expert who has made a significant impact on the ADHD community. His insights and constructs are sometimes controversial, but in their practical application, they are grounded in truth and pragmatism.

Jeff’s compilation, titled “ADHD Genius: The Dr. Russell Barkley Interview Collection,” covers five significant areas of challenge for those diagnosed with ADHD. In this carefully curated series of five eBooks, Dr. Barkley and Jeff discuss the science-based information on ADHD and how it translates into ADHD coaching. In each eBook, they focus on a common theme for adults with ADHD.


ADHD Aha! Cartoon Book

In medieval or Tudor times, court jesters communicated using jokes to relay thoughts or ideas without fear of retaliation. Today, many Aha!s are masked as jokes or cartoons. It’s our modern-day way of communicating and making light of an otherwise awkward or embarrassing moment. Does it surprise you that we have an ADHD Aha! cartoon book?

The ADD Me PoetryThe ADD Me: Poetic Thoughts on ADD

Poetry communicates what can’t be communicated… what is difficult to explain. It unfolds layers of meaning, using simile, metaphor, irony, and symbolism in verse and rhyme, evoking emotions, inspiration, and HOPE!

It is HOPE that those with ADHD need most!


If Only You Understood Attention!If Only You Understood Attention

Attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper reveals the secret to managing attention in this 30-minute downloadable video workshop.

Experience and witness the anatomy of attention and learn the fundamentals to manufacturing your own ADHD Aha!

TotallyADD Earning a DegreeEarning a Degree with ADHD (Brought to you from Totally ADD)

Going off to college is a big transition. One that’s stressful, exciting, and scary. With tuitions soaring, earning a degree requires a huge commitment of time and money. And yet, so many ADHD students are unsure of so many things: courses to take, how to manage the workload, and where to get help.

Knowing that ADHD impacts focus, follow-through, memory, listening skills, time management, and addictive behaviors, it’s easy to see why even the smartest people with ADHD can struggle in college and university. Earning A Degree With ADHD guides you through the risks and challenges ADHD students face as they enter college – away from home, on their own, without the structure of parents and high school.

The_Perfect_Career_for_ADHD_largeThe Perfect Career for ADHD (Brought to you from Totally ADD)

The Perfect Career For ADHD brings you the collected knowledge of leading Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder experts.

Do you feel drained at the end of your workday? Stop suffering in your job and turn your strengths into success. Those with ADHD face a higher risk of being fired, earning less money, going bankrupt, quitting a job, and being under-employed.

You CAN enjoy and even THRIVE in your job. This video download will provide new insight on how to choose the best career for you.

Mad_Men_Disclosure_Image_315a451a-322d-46f2-ba9e-cba3eb6c96ea_largeTo Tell or Not to Tell – The Smart, Safe Way to Talk About Your ADHD (Brought to you from Totally ADD)

You have a diagnosis: ADHD. You’re learning a lot. Discovering some powerful strategies. Perhaps trying medication. Everything is changing. It’s scary. Exciting. Anything is possible and you want to share what’s going on. “Guess what?! I found out I have ADHD!” Whoa! Wait a moment. Disclosing can be a big issue. There is a right way to do this. And a dozen wrong ways. And once it’s done, it’s done. In this must-see video, 17 ADHD experts explore the hidden dangers and surprising consequences of disclosing your diagnosis.