ADHD and Self-Motivation

To understand attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and motivation, it’s important to recognize the connection between the two. Motivation is tied to a number of executive functioning issues. It takes much longer for those with ADHD to do ordinary tasks because of the deficits that come with ADHD. But what can be done about it? According to Dr. Russell Barkley, it is treatable. In my interview with him on Attention Talk Radio, he shared his insight concerning self-motivation and how to reduce the obstacles on the way to getting there.

The first thing is to recognize that ADHD comes with a motivational deficit. It’s inherent; its intrinsic; but it’s not a life choice. You have to own your ADHD and the deficits that come with it. It’s not some kind of moral failing. It’s just a part of who you are, like someone who needs to wear glasses. Listen to my podcast with Dr. Barkley as he talks about how to get people toward that stage of acceptance enough that they will acknowledge it and begin to do something about it.

If you are curious about learning more, please listen to our podcast.

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