ADHD Group Mentor Coaching Program

adhd-aha-coachAre you looking to complete your Mentor Coaching Requirements for Certification? If so, we have good news! Jeff Copper’s ADHD Group Mentor Program is designed to assist you on your road to certification in this affordable and convenient way.

Who is the Mentor Group Program for?

This course is for all coaches who want to:

  • Fulfill their certification requirements for PAAC, ICF, and ADDCA graduation requirements.
  • Improve their skills in preparation for the next level of certification (PAAC, ICF).
  • Need ICF recertification (for ACC coaches trained at other ACTP programs).

The Focus of the Group Mentor Coaching Program:

This Group Mentor Program was developed by mentor coach and ADDCA teleclass leader, Jeff Copper, PCAC PCC ACG, and includes:

Why Mentor Group Coaching?

The requirements for PAAC and ICF certifications are a minimum of 10 hours. Seven of these may be group coaching and three must be with an individual mentor coach. This program will give you seven of the 10 required mentor hours needed for certification. It will also count towards the total 15 hours needed to graduate from the ADD Coaching Academy.

When is the Mentor Group Program and How Can I Register?

Private Groups:  Email or call 762-233-2343 to schedule your private Aha! Group Mentor coaching program (minimum four participants). The cost is the same as our scheduled classes.

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ADHD Group Mentor Coaching

Pressure and the Art of Managing Verbal Processors:
In preparation for the first coaching session, participants are required to listen to an audio recording that provides an in-depth view of the nature of pressure, its impact on coaches and clients, and an open discussion around the art of managing “verbal processors.”

7 Mentor Group Coaching Sessions

  • Teleclass 1: A Pressure-Free Coaching Agreement
    Pressure can paralyze ADHD coaches and their clients. Effectively managing pressure and strengthening your client’s emotional intelligence are key elements to creating a collaborative, authentic coaching agreement.
  • Teleclass 2: “Getting” the Client
    The art of receiving and understanding HOW to “get” the WHO of each client! (Building trust in a safe environment)
  • Teleclass 3: Powerful Questions Made Easy
    Getting out of your head and learning to actively listen to what the client wants. Powerful listening will lead you to powerful questioning.
  • Teleclass 4: Excavating the Coaching Topic
    Understanding how to get past the client’s barriers and empower them to focus on their true goals and desires. It’s all about getting to the power of the “Aha!”
  • Teleclass 5: Listening Beyond Labels (Function and Roles Played)
    Labels can be very misleading. Learn to attend to how something uniquely functions and the role it plays in moving your clients forward.
  • Teleclass 6: Coach the Mentor Coach on the Word “HOW”
    Understanding the differences in telling, teaching, and involving. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” ~ Albert Einstein
  • Teleclass 7: Beating Procrastinating – Activating
    Easy isn’t always easy, is it! The proof is in activating. If it were easy, you would have already done it.

Post Program Bonus:

As an added value to this outstanding Mentor Coaching Program:

  • Jeff will provide you with an easy and effective way to get powerful testimonials from your clients… testimonials that attest to the significant and life-changing value of your coaching!

More about Jeff Copper!

  • Jeff Copper PCAC, PCC, ACG is credentialed and recognized as a Professional Certified ADHD coach by the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) and a Professional Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
  • Jeff has successfully coached and mentored hundreds of individuals impacted by ADHD. As founder of DIG Coaching Practice, Jeff is an attention coach for individuals and entrepreneurs with ADHD seeking meaningful, fulfilling personal and business results.
  • Jeff is also the founder and host of Attention Talk Radio with more than 450 interviews and over 210 hours of content with ADHD and attention experts!
  • Jeff is a graduate of the ADD Coach Academy and an outstanding teleclass leader.

What Others Are Saying

  • My calling to learn and become an ADHD coach was exciting. Being critiqued by a mentor coach in a class seemed a bit intimidating. I was anxious and nervous with a hint of curiosity, but managed to enroll in Jeff’s Aha Group Mentor Coaching program. Jeff, as expected, challenged me as I was outside of my element. Reflecting on the experience, I now realize the application of coaching principles is a radical shift in perspective. It’s not something that comes naturally. It is about becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable. I haven’t mastered the mindset yet but “get” the challenge and the power of being in that space. Now, I’m growing as a coach, which is why I enrolled. If you’re uncomfortable being uncomfortable, Jeff’s Aha Group Mentor Coaching Program is a safe place to make the transition. I am so grateful for the experience. Thanks for everything, Jeff! ~ Jennifer Giles
  • I loved the opportunity to have the discussions about different coaching techniques – such as doing horizontal vs. vertical. Jeff has a wonderful way of letting you feel comfortable to experiment without concern for judgment. It makes for a very safe, productive learning environment. Thanks for a fun class. ~ Cindy Goldrich
  • I am very impressed with Jeff’s coaching. He is an expert at helping you figure out how your brain works and invent processes that work for you. Since working with him, I have made many changes resulting in greater efficiency in life and in my business. He is highly structured, focused, and always starts and ends on time. ~ Birgit Zacher Hanson, MCC
  • Jeff kept the perfect balance of being tough, honest, and direct by being kind, complimentary, and encouraging. This month I completed my advanced course work and hope to get certified. I have learned a lot about coaching strategies and models through my coursework, but I have learned about the heart of being a coach from Jeff Copper. I could not have asked for a better mentor, coach, and friend. Thank you. ~ Kirsten Milliken, Ph.D, ACC
  • After going through this Mentor Coach program I feel more confident and at ease about my coaching skills! If you want to take your coaching to the next level, Jeff Copper is an extraordinary mentor! I could not have asked for a better experience. ~ Jackie Basham
  • Jeff’s classes firmly implanted in my brain what it means and takes to be TRULY curious as a coach and the value it adds to a coaching partnership. He turned the learning approach on its head to help us “get it.” So enjoyed the-outside-of-the-box approach to digging deep to discover the pearls in the shell! ~ Jennifer Coyne-O’Brien
  • I joined Jeff’s Mentor Group with no clue what to expect. I can safely sa, the ideas put forth in this group define my entire coaching perspective. I have often been acknowledged as curious and a “deeper level” questioner, and I know these qualities are inherent in me, but this group program helped me tap into those abilities at a very pivotal moment in my education. I heavily credit Jeff Copper’s inaugural Mentor Group Program as having helped me become the coach I am today. Seriously, my peers are sick of me talking about it.  Super excited about Advanced starting next month. ~ Lindsey Bozeman Biggs
  • That was a great class!!!!! It felt like one huge “booya” moment. Thank you. ~ Myrna Candreia
  • This was the perfect active learning class for getting out of my own head, letting go of the “consulting mode” even more than before, and playing with deep-dive coaching. If you are looking to improve your coaching acumen and shed your vulnerability, Jeff is the mentor coach for you! Come ready to play and participate with an expectation of failing forward into your next level of success. You won’t regret it! ~ Kate Barrett


When is the Mentor Group Program and How Can I Register?

OOPS! You missed the start of our current Group Mentor Coaching Program or our next program is full.

Future Programs:  CLICK HERE to share your availability or desire to be notified of our next class.