adhd-aha-coachMentor Coaching

Do you want to become a better ADHD coach? Do you need to fulfill ADDCA, PAAC, or ICF coach mentoring requirements? Do you want a mentor coach to practice coaching with so you can pass your credentialing exam with confidence? Do you want a mentor coach with experience, who has experience teaching others to be ADD/ADHD coaches? Jeff is on faculty at the ADD Coach Academy, is credentialed with ICF and PAAC, where he is a founding board member.

If so, this package is for you. On each call we’ll excavate an Aha! on topics like attention itself, listening skills, self-management, handling pressure, asking powerful questions, setting up your business, marketing and more while giving you feedback on your coaching. The package includes:

  • A complimentary copy of our video workshop, “If Only You Understood Attention,” which maps out the anatomy of attention.
  • Five of the most powerful questions and how to use them.
  • A subscription to our Aha e-Newsletter.
  • Ten 55-minute coaching calls.
  • Feedback from an ADD/ADHD coach trainer.
  • Certificate of mentoring hours completed.
  • Mentor coach letter of recommendation.
  • Letter of reference for those who qualify.

All this for just $1,849
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