ADHD and Bipolar Disorder: Treatment When You Have Both

By Jeff Copper, MBA, PCC, PCAC, CPCC, ACG – March 6, 2023

ADHD and Bipolar DisorderResearch shows that it is not uncommon for those who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to also have bipolar disorder. But how do you treat both conditions together? The symptoms of each condition are quite similar to the other and may overlap. Sometimes ADHD is mistaken for bipolar disorder, and bipolar disorder for ADHD. This makes a diagnosis even more difficult for the clinician.

When it comes to evaluating and treating both conditions together, a specialist needs as much information about the individual as possible in order to make a correct diagnosis and provide a treatment plan. First, the clinician will most likely conduct a physical exam to determine if there is an underlying condition that could be causing the symptoms.

If the physical exam is normal, then a psychological evaluation would be performed. These examinations are conducted by specialists such as psychiatrists or psychologists, because they have the educational training and more experience in these cases.

If you are diagnosed with both conditions or are impacted by someone who is, please listen to my interview, “ADHD and Bipolar Disorder: Treatment When You Have Both,” on Attention Talk Radio. Dr. Roberto Olivardia discusses the intricacies of treatment when an individual has both conditions. Check it out and learn more at

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